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  • How To Use the Synch Clip
    We get asked all the time what are the clips that come with each pair of Synch Bands for. Even though Synch Bands come in three different sizes and you can use the built-in metal ends t......Continue reading →
  • USPS has updated their Shipping Rates
    Hi everyone, The USPS updated their shipping rates both domestically and internationally on January 17, 2016. Some rates have decreased in this new update, while a majority have increased. We are staying committed to offering FREE SHIPPING for all orders in the continental US, even though rates have increased for us by 27%. Our ......Continue reading →
  • What Size Synch Bands Should I Get? (UPDATED)
    Synch Bands now come in three (3) sizes: Kids, S/M, and L/XL. Although Synch Bands can be custom fit to your foot by using the Synch Clip to cinch up excess lace, we released different sizes to keep the amount of excess lace to a minimum :) Our new and simplified sizing chart is now solely based on shoe size* :) The size chart i......Continue reading →
  • Welcome to our recently upgraded website
    We have recently upgraded our website to the totally awesome and fantastic eCommerce platform, Shopify. Being on this new platform will allow us to launch several new things in 2015. Thank you for making 2014 such a great year for Synch! Here's to continuing to share Synch Bands with even more people next year. Cheers, T......Continue reading →
  • Synch Bands Stickers Now Available
    Hey Synch Mob, we super stoked to announce that we have some cool, new Synch Bands stickers!! But, they're not for sale :( The only way you get some is when you buy some Synch Bands. For every $10 in Synch Bands and/or shipping (for our international Synch Mobsters) you spend, we'll throw in a FREE STICKER with your shipment.Continue reading →