Fan Video by Aaron Goure & Kam Krigel

This is the coolest video any Synch™ Mob fan has uploaded (so far), so I had to give Aaron and Kam some props.

I met Aaron at the X-Games in LA a few months ago and gave him a free pair of Synch™ Bands and asked him to let me know they held up to skating sessions.

He said they lasted about 4x longer than his normal laces.

Then I sent him another pair of our soon-to-be-released skater edition Synch™ Bands and he recorded this:

What Aaron had to say about the Synch™ Bands - Skate (soon-to-be-released):
Day 11 - " synch bands are holding up great, put them in on the 11th and 11 days later not even a fray. Usually by now my laces are shot."

Day 25 - " are they holding up! Kind of amazing actually, love em, and thanks alot!"

Aaron's skating is so sick! And Aaron's and Kam's video skills are awesome! You've guys got some talent. Keep it up!

Thank you guys!!!

ps. Hey Synch™ Mob, feel free to upload/send us more videos to Testimonials are cool, too ;)