Back To School - Volume Discounts :)

As we get closer to getting back to school, it reminds me of when I was younger and would get so hyped about going out shopping and getting new shoes and clothes for the new year. It felt like a fresh start. After all, this would set the tone for how the rest of the year would go for me.

Shoes were by far my favorite Back-to-School item. Anything could look good with a sweet pair of kicks. My favorite shoes were Chucks and Vans (actually they still are). They always looked so clean and displayed perfectly on the could I pick just one color or style for the whole year?? I had to get at least two pairs to change it up :)

My excitement usually wore off when I got home and put my new kicks on...uggh something didn't look right! I had the same shoe I saw in the store, so what was different??...THE BOWS! My bows were messing up the clean, crisp look I fell in love with in the store. Dang marketing guys for knowing how to display the shoes so I'll want to buy them.

Well, I wasn't going to return the shoes, so if I wanted to get that same look I was going to have to tuck the laces into the shoe and then live with having to wear a loose shoe, the discomfort of having shoelaces sliding around inside my shoe, and god-forbid the plastic end of the lace were to pop up and jab me in my foot ugghh! But hey, I was willing to sacrifice comfort to get the look I wanted.

Flash-forward 20+ years and I'm super stoked to say those days of choosing fashion over comfort are over!!

I invented Synch Bands to make sure you get that clean, crisp, no-bow look that all the shore stores use to display their shoes, without having to tuck in laces and have them dangling inside your shoe, plus I made them with elastic so there's no need to wear super loose shoes just so you can slide your foot in and out. These bad-boys lock in under your eyelets, stretch to let your foot in and then hold your foot nice & snug the whole day. But since everyone's feet and how they like their shoes to fit are different, I designed and developed a thin, discrete clip that allows people to adjust their shoelace tension to what feels good for them and then easily cinch up any excess.

So as you get ready for the new school year, make your shoes feel super comfortable and look super tight. Step into simple and replace the lace with Synch Bands.

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