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"Synch Bands. Transform your shoes into stylish, secure slip-ons and never tie shoelaces again, Your style, your pattern, your terrain. Get Synched!"

- Nicky D., Mountain Biker, Santa Cruz, CA

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"My favorite thing about Synch Bands is that with the skater edition shoes, they are like 20 times more durable, and I never have to worry about tying them when I'm in the zone on a trick"

- Aaron G., Skater, 16 years old, Fountain Hills, AZ

I paralyzed my arm dirtbiking. Your laces are the reason I can wear awesome shoes! Thanks!

- Rich, Elk Grove Village, IL

"These really are my newest obsession. If you see me hopping around on one shoe it's because I can't stop showing people these fantastic laces!"

- Renee M. Domestically Challenged Diva 37 years old, Temecula, CA

"I am very excited about this product. To have a lace that makes a shoe secure enough to run around along with playing sports AND slip on and off is Awesome! I encounter too many kids that are more interested in the ease of slipping their shoes on and off than having it secure enough to run around and play."

- Michelle C. Teacher / Mother of 2 girls (8 & 9) 43 years old, San Marcos, CA

“Yay!! No more having to tie my shoes!!!”

- Alli C. 8 years old, San Marcos, CA

"I love not having my shoes untied any more and super easy to put on and off!"

  - Sydney C. 9 years old, San Marcos, CA

“I would suggest this product to others. Great concept with a variety of uses.”

- John C. Teacher, Father of 2 boys (4 & 7) 35 years old, San Diego, CA

“It rocks and kids will love it.”

- Noah S. 9 years old, San Marcos, CA

“I love this product. It looks good, feels comfortable, and is so convenient to slip on and off!”

- Ashley R. Hair stylist 23 years old, Escondido, CA

“Killer idea, can't wait to see them in all of my shoes!”

- Owen K. 12 years old, Temecula, CA

“I work in the footwear industry and I think its great to see a new idea pop up.”

- Aaron C. Shoe Store Manager 28 years old, Oceanside, CA

 “Great product, my kids wear them and love them. It’s awesome that my kids can put their shoes on by themselves and they don’t fall off!”

- Tim M. Entrepreneur, Father of 2 boys (5 & 9) 43 years old, San Marcos, CA

"I received my Synch Bands yesterday for my son, and they are awesome! He is 5 and has been having meltdowns alllllll day when his laces were not tied exactly right. I can't even tell you how happy we both are that we found these! He loves wearing his shoes now, and I love that we don't have all the meltdowns. Thank you so much! I don't know why Walmart and Target wouldn't want these in their stores.

P.S. He is in sz 12 toddler, and I ordered sz small. They would have been too small laced the regular way, but I had watch a video you guys have online showing different ways to lace them. I did it one of these ways and the length was perfect. Couldn't be happier. I will be ordering more for my younger son."

- Chrystal A. Mother of 2 boys Lynchburg, VA

"Hazen can't tie his shoes, so I searched the internet and found a solution. Ordered two pairs of Synch Bands, and not only was the shipping insanely fast, but they took the time to write Thank you on the receipt, and sent him two stickers. Good to know some companies still believe in customer service even when it's online. #Thanks #SynchBands #ExcellentCustomerServive"


"Thank you so much! We have previously purchased these for our teenage son who is disabled and has trouble tying his shoes. Your Synch Bands allow him to look COOL!"

- Lezlee W. - Lincoln, NE

"What a terrific lifesaver of a product you have and such an amazingly simple concept. I have a 14 year old with special needs facing the trials of middle school including dressing out. If you can't tie shoes, even after attempting it for years, a whole new stress kicks in. Your laces work. They look like they were made for her Nikes and you turned a source of anxiety into no big deal. I did look all over town and over the Internet. I hope you market to the special needs community. Our kids want to be just like everyone else. I will be ordering more as we buy more shoes. Love the color choices to match shoes exactly."

- Gail M. - Riverside, CA