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What are Synch Bands™?

They are the first elastic shoelaces that adjust and lock comfortably & securely inside your shoe. You get the look of a normal shoelace with the convenience and comfort of a slip-on. Made with a specially designed elastic material, Synch Bands are the fun, cool and secure elastic shoelaces that convert any pair of shoes into safe, secure slip-ons. Durable metal bars are attached at each end of the elastic lace to easily lock the lace under your shoe's eyelet. That way you can keep it simple and lace up your shoes like a normal shoelace or stylize them using multiple Synch Band colors or lace patterns. No matter how you use your Synch Bands, you will never have to worry about tying your laces again. They are perfect for all ages, boys and girls. Each pair includes two (2) laces and two (2) Synch Clips, one for each shoe.

What size Synch Bands should I get?

It all depends on your shoe, shoe size, and lace pattern. But, here's a good guideline for regular lace up patterns and a post explaining sizing.

What if I buy the wrong size?

Simply mail them back to us with a note requesting which size you would prefer and we'd be happy to get you the size you want. You can also try out different lacing patterns to see if a different pattern would be a better fit for your sized Synch Bands. Bar Patterns use the least amount of lace and fit the loosest, while the Basket Weave Pattern uses the most lace and fits the tightest.

Now that I have Synch Bands, what do I do with them?

Check the videos on our How 2 Synch page and Facebook page , as well as this great post on our site, titled "How Do I Put On Synch Bands?" to get some basic ideas on what to do with your cool, new elastic shoelaces. If you want some more creative inspiration, check out our friend, Ian's Shoelace Site - Lacing Methods..

Will the metal ends hurt my feet?

They shouldn't as long as they are used properly. If the lace pattern you use requires the use of a Synch Clip, we recommend that you loop the excess band and metal end into the Synch Clip so it keeps the metal end from sitting loose inside your shoe. Check out the How to Use the Synch Clip video and our post "How Do I Put On Synch Bands?" to see what we mean.

Can I cut the bands if they are too long?

Sure, but we recommend that you use a Synch Clip instead. That way you can come up with more lace patterns which may not have any excess band left. Plus the Synch Bands will look really frayed if you cut 'em.

I see a lot of Chucks on your site, can I use Synch Bands on other shoes?

Absolutely, as long as your shoes have an eyelet to secure your Synch Bands. They were specifically designed for Chucks and Classic/Authentic Vans, IOHO the coolest shoes on the planet. Nearly all shoes fall under the Medium Category of shoes, so check out the sizing chart and this post "What Size Synch Bands Should I Get?" to get the right sized Synch Bands for you.

How long will it take for me to get my Synch Bands?

From the day we process and ship your order, it should take about 1-4 business days for you to get your Synch Bands, that's if you are in the US.

Where else can I buy Synch Bands?

Online at See our Wholesalers page to see if our International Distributors are in your country.

Can I buy Synch Bands if I live outside the US?

Yes, you can! Shipping times are between 6-10 business days from when your order ships. Also, remember that customs fees and tariffs may be applied upon arrival. We do not have control of these tariffs, nor do we know how much will be levied by the receiving country.