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X Games 17 was July 28-31, 2011 right here in our backyard in Los Angeles at Staples Center/LA Live/Nokia Theater. So, we thought it would a great idea to go check it out, let people know all about us, and see if we could get some more feedback on Synch Bands.

We found a perfect spot just outside the VIP section (there was a Shaun White and Mark Wahlberg siting) and started handing out free Synch Bands.

I gotta say that almost everyone was super cool and they were all super stoked on Synch Bands.

The skaters there loved Synch Bands and gave us some great feedback on what we need to do to make them even better for skaters! - Thanks guys.

And the kids and moms couldn't get enough of Synch Bands. Saying how they all hate to tie their shoes and they couldn't wait to get home to Synch up their shoes and spread the word to their friends and family.

I gotta give a special shout out to Aaron G. and Lucas M. for showing much love to us. Thanks guys! It was perfect timing for us to meet Aaron as his shoelaces had just busted and he needed to replace them...Synch Bands to the rescue!

Christie from Angel City Derby Girls you were super cool and good luck on your upcoming event on Aug. 13 in Culver City.

And, Daniel Vanderlei (not 100% on the spelling), pro moto-x rider, we're not sponsoring any athletes yet. But who knows what the future holds, we're young and just getting started, so make sure to stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter :)

Cheers to everyone else we met! Another awesome day in the life of Synch Bands!