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What a Synch™ Bands weekend!

3 Days, 3 Events

This past weekend was so much fun spreading the word about Synch™ Bands here in Southern California.

Thursday - Oceanside Sunset Market

We started our weekend on Thursday by hitting the Oceanside Sunset Market from 5-9pm. We were excited for our first night-time event.

It was great to see all the kids in their cool Halloween costumes. People from all walks of life kept coming to our booth telling us what a great idea we have and that we are really onto something here :)

We'll be sure to be back at another Thursday Sunset Market.

Friday - Barnett Elementary Harvest Festival

We had our first school fundraiser where we setup a booth at Barnett Elementary's Annual Harvest Festival and donated 20% of all sales back to the school.

What a great response!! Kids and parents alike loved Synch™ Bands! We sold more pairs of Synch™ Bands in 4 hours than in any of our other previous all-day events. It felt so good to be able to donate a percentage of each sale back to the school :)

Saturday - Richland Elementary Halloween Carnival

The weekend ended with our 2nd 20% Back fundraiser at Richland Elementary's Annual Halloween Carnival.

Again, kids and parents couldn't get enough of Synch™ Bands. It was so cool to see their faces light up when they realized what Synch™ Bands were and that now they no longer had to tie their shoes anymore. It was definitely time to Replace the Lace! One boy and his mom were so excited that they couldn't even wait to get home to put their new Synch™ Bands on.

Demand was so high that we sold out of our remaining Motley Blue, Black Jack, and White Lightning Medium-sized pairs. No worries, we still have some on-hand for online orders :)

As we were selling, we were approached to do more fundraisers for other schools and organizations. So, we will surely be doing more of these type of events in the future.

If you'd like us to come to your school or event, feel free to contact us at