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Tony Tobin ES - 4th Annual Spring Carnival

How cool was is that our 4th school event happened to coincide with Tony Tobin Elementary's 4th Annual Spring Carnival.

Tucked away in the Morgan Hill area of Temecula, the Trail Blazers continued our awesome experiences with Temecula Valley elementary schools.

Tony Tobin Spring Carnival

We had a few Synch Fans super excited that we were there and letting people know to come by our booth and check us out. Family after family came to our booth and were amazed out how cool Synch Bands™ were and equally excited that untied shoe laces could now be a thing of the past for their kids.

Some kids couldn't wait to get home to get their Synch Bands™ on their shoes and had us Synch 'em up right there at the booth.

As more and more people found out about us, we often heard, "You guys should be on Shark Tank!"

We just laughed and appreciated their kind words of encouragement.

We'll be there someday, but until then we're 100% focused on making Synch Bands™ the best shoelace replacement product on the planet.

Special thanks to Renee Marchese for inviting us to Tony Tobin ES and making the day so awesome for us :)