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Logan Magazine's "Products We Love List"

At our recent events, we've been told by several people how great Synch Bands™ would be for kids with disabilities. It helps them with an everyday need of getting their shoes on, allows them to wear all the latest styles like Chucks and Vans, and encourages their independence.

So we were so excited to hear that we made Logan Magazine's "Products We Love" list for Winter 2012.

Logan Magazine - Products We Love - Winter 2012

Logan Magazine's (LM) mission is to inspire, encourage and inform young people with disabilities about how to lead a lifestyle that is productive, purposeful and pleasurable. With the goal being to motivate young people to live, work, play, dream big and look great, while experiencing all life has to offer.

The driving force behind Logan Magazine is Logan Olson and her mom, Laurie. Logan suffered a brain injury at the age of 16 and while on her road of rehabilitation, she got tired of wearing sweatpants all the time and had the courage to be like any other 16-year old girl that still wanted to be fashionable, wear makeup, all while celebrating herself regardless of how her injury had limited her physically. And so, Logan Magazine was born.

Logan Magazine - Winter 2012

LM promotes products that assist independence. Logan always says “independence rocks!”

We hope to continue spreading the word that Synch Bands™ are just as functional as they are fashionable.

Thank you so much Logan and Laurie for spreading the word :)