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Synch Bands Sponsors Aura Skatepark

We're excited to announce our first official sponsorship of the newly launched Aura Skatepark!

Aura Skatepark is located at 1074 La Mirada Court, Vista, CA and is a private indoor skatepark where skateboarders, BMX riders and scooter riders can ride the highest quality ramps custom built by Jim Bell and his team under the best possible conditions.

The entire place functions as a couple of things: a high quality skateboarding ramp construction and design center, a private indoor skatepark (with competition style street course and world class spine ramp), and a multi-purpose event venue for hire. 

Skating has been a part of our company since we started giving away Synch Bands to skaters to get their feedback at last summer's X-Games in LA. We're super stoked that Jim and his team are giving people the chance to ride his epic ramps that are throughout the Skatepark.

Aura Skatepark is open for daily, monthly and annual members during the following hours:

* Monday – Thursday: 3 pm to 8 pm
* Friday: Noon to 4 pm
* Saturday: 10 am to 10 pm
* Sunday: Noon to 6 pm

The ramp showroom and design center are open during regular Skatepark hours, as well as by appointment. What's also cool is that the Skatepark has a family lounge that has free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, a pool table, and toys/games for younger kids.

Aura Skatepark is the first retail location to carry Synch Bands. So, while you're there, replace your shoelaces and grab some Synch Bands. Tell Jim and Doug we sent ya!