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Synch Bands hanging with SDSI

Last month we headed to the Time Out With SDSI at Bub’s at the Ball Park.

Having growing up in our formative years in San Diego, we love to be able to get back and reconnect from time to time with the awesome folks down there.

We had been introduced to SDSI on a chance encounter with Aaron Churder from Overload Skate Shop on our way home from MAGIC.

As we start getting Synch Bands off the ground, we certainly admit we don't everything there is to know about business, so we thought what a great opportunity to connect with other cool and successful entrepreneurs and see what connections we could make and start to shed some light on our product.

SD Sport Innovators (SDSI) is the heartbeat of the Southern California sports business community. They inspire sports innovation through connections & networking, mentoring & education and access to capital.

Needless to say we had a great time re-connecting with old friends, like Kelly Grismer from The Wheat Group and Aaron Churder, and making new connections and getting great advice from people like Jim Stroesser from Adio Footwear.

We even got a little face time with Renne Catalano from SDSI to talk about Synch Bands.

Check it out: 

Synch Bands at SDSI - Time-Out- Bubs at the Ballpark - 10May12 from Synch Bands on Vimeo.