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Aura Skate Park - Best Trick Contest + BBQ

What an epic Labor Day weekend!

Aura Skate Park in Vista, CA put on a great Best Trick Contest and BBQ that brought out all ages, skills levels, with boys and girls showing off their best skate tricks to win some really sick prize packs that included Vestal watches, decks, sunglasses, wheels, footwear, and of course Synch Bands :)

Synch Bands has supported the park since it first opened and we were super excited to see our banner hung on the wall for everyone to see that Synch Bands are the new way to deal with the problem of busted laces, untied shoelaces, and laces that are ridiculously too long. It's time to Replace the Lace with the coolest elastic shoelaces. Period.

Jeff King from Built to Shred fame was there to support this awesome skate park and MC the entire all-day event.

One of the winners, Irvin, was super stoked to win some Synch Bands. He had seen them before and really wanted to get them on his shoes cuz his normal laces were busting in a day. He showed me his VOX shoes that he just got the day before and the laces were already busted. So, we Replaced the Lace right there after his first event win and he then skated the rest of the day with them in and LOVED THEM!!

Irvin wasn't the only new fan of Synch Bands. We want to give special shout outs to Cristian and the Ritchart Family, Jonathon and his Grandma, and the sick skater in Red with the Green Synch Bands...I never got his name :( But he ripped :)

Aura Skate Park is the only place that carries our specially coated Synch Bands - Skate that hold up better to skating than regular shoe laces. Be sure to swing in there and Replace The Lace and then rip on their their new hand rails built by Jim Bell & Jeff King and hubba ledges.