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What Size Synch Bands Should I Get? (UPDATED)

Synch Bands now come in three (3) sizes: Kids, S/M, and L/XL.

Although Synch Bands can be custom fit to your foot by using the Synch Clip to cinch up excess lace, we released different sizes to keep the amount of excess lace to a minimum :)

Our new and simplified sizing chart is now solely based on shoe size* :)

The size chart is a general guideline for anyone that wants to Synch up their shoes using a traditional lacing pattern.

*NOTE: If you plan on using your Synch Bands on high-tops, we suggest purchasing the next size up for your shoe size.

With any guideline, there are exceptions:
If you know that you want to lace up your shoes using a Bar Pattern or two (2) colors in your lace pattern then simply go down to the next smaller sized Synch Bands. For example, a pair of adult Chucks that would normally require a L/XL pair of Synch Bands would be better suited for S/M.

If you know that you want to lace up your shoes using a Weave Pattern then simply go up to the next larger sized Synch Bands.

We hope this helps you quickly and easily figure out what Synch Bands to get for you or someone else.

And don't worry if you get a size that is either too small or too big. Simply send the Synch Bands back to us telling us which size you want and we'll exchange them for FREE :)

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