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How Lacing Patterns Impact the Fit of Your Shoe

When you were a child and learning how to tie your shoes, you were probably taught only one way to lace your shoes. In fact, it might not have been until middle school where you saw others messing around with different lacing patterns and realized you could do the same. The interesting thing about lacing patterns is that not only do they express a unique style but they also impact the way your shoes fit your feet.

At Synch Bands, we’re proud to offer quality, elastic tieless laces to make it easier for you to wear your favorite Chucks or Vans any day of the week. Simply thread the laces through the eyelets, snug to your comfort level, and lock in place. Now, instead of wearing shoes that need to be tied, you can easily and simply slip them on or off.

Heel Slipping

If your heels slip out of your shoes while walking, this could lead to accidents. Using the 7th lace hole and making a loop lacing lock can help solve this issue. Using the 7th eyelet instead of the traditional 6-eyelet lacing technique offers a better grip and increased stability. If your laces don’t offer enough room to use the 7th eyelet and still tie securely, be sure to shop our tieless laces online at Synch Bands.

Wide Feet

If you feel high pressure at your forefoot or just have wide feet in general, there are a couple of lacing pattern options that can give your feet the room they need to feel more comfortable. While some shoe brands do offer wider shoe models, the lacing pattern you use could make the difference in comfort go from just okay to absolutely amazing.

High Arches

You may not know this, but there are actually different lacing techniques to give you the right fit based on your arch. Since people have high to low arches, you want to determine the type of arch you have and then implement the proper lacing technique to give you the maximum level of comfort. If you notice an outward foot roll motion when you walk, then you probably have high arches. Alternating a cross underneath with parallel on the top should adjust the fit of your shoe to match your arch.

Narrow Feet

People with narrow feet naturally tend to prefer shoes that offer a more narrow fit. Additionally, while you may not have discomfort, you might struggle to get the snug fit you need. The standard lacing pattern that crosses back and forth forming Xs down the tongue of the shoe should work, but make sure that you don’t lace your shoes so tightly that they hinder normal blood flow.

Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, then you know that you have to be careful with the types of shoes you wear because flat feet can put you at a higher risk for low back pain and knee pain. In addition to inserts and other items you may use to give you the right support, there is also a special lacing technique you can use to give additional support and comfort. Shop Synch Bands today for the elastic tieless laces you need, and enjoy a secure snug fit all day long.