Time-Saving Tips for Parents

As a parent, time seems to be one of your most precious resources. In fact, you may think about your own mom or dad and wonder how they were able to manage everything. While they probably didn’t have a magic wand, we bet they used some of the time-saving tips we’ll share in today’s post. When it comes to getting out the door, tying shoes might be one of the biggest hassles. Make your life a cinch and order tieless laces from Synch Bands.

Prepare Things the Night Before

No matter where you work, at home,in the office, or a combination of the two, you’re not likely short on time when it comes to getting yourself ready for the day. Typically, your kids are the ones who are running around trying to find all the things they need that somehow seem to have disappeared overnight. Make life easier and save yourself time and stress by getting everything ready the night before. Have your kids lay out their outfits, including socks and shoes so that they don’t have to waste time making decisions in the morning. Pack lunches and backpacks and have those sitting by the door.

Batch Cook

If you find that you are eating fast food meals far more than you’d like, there’s a time-saving tip that can help you eat more home-cooked meals without spending an hour in the kitchen every night. Try doubling or tripling recipes and freezing the extras for another night. Another option is to set aside time on the weekend to prepare three or four meals at once and freeze them until you’re ready to use them. To avoid skipping breakfast on busy mornings, bake large batches of muffins or egg bites that you can eat on the go.


You may be so used to picking up after your children that you’ve lost sight of the fact that they are now old enough to help with small chores such as picking up after themselves. Instead of running yourself ragged trying to keep your house clean and orderly, have older kids help with laundry, vacuuming, and dusting, and have younger children pick up clothes and toys and put them in the appropriate containers.

Establish Routines

One of the best tips you can use to save time in your home is to establish routines. From bedtime rituals and morning tasks, you will find your day flows much easier when everyone knows what is expected. You can also apply this to which chores should be done on which days. The more routine certain activities are, the less confusion there will be, which will help streamline your day and save time.

Eliminate the Need to Tie Shoes

As we mentioned, the need to tie shoes can be one of the biggest time-sucks when it comes to trying to get your kids out the door. Whether you’re tying their shoes for them or they’re trying to remember which bunny goes around the tree or through the loop, it can feel like a frustrating waste of time. Save yourself time and stress when you purchase the best tieless laces from Synch Bands. Order today and make your life a cinch!