Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas is definitely one of the most wonderful times of the year, especially for children. If you’re wondering what types of gifts to get for the kids in your life, then keep reading today’s post. We’ll share our top five picks to help you find the perfect gift for every child on your list.

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1. Board Games

The great thing about board games is that they’re perfect for any age! You probably remember some of your own favorites from childhood and may want to introduce those to your own children, nieces, or nephews. The good news is that not only are some of the classic board games making a comeback but there are also a whole host of new board games to discover and fall in love with. Remember to check the age range on the board game to make sure it will suit the child you’re buying it for.

2. Arts and Crafts

There are so many wonderful gifts to engage the creative side of the little one in your life. From color-by-number projects and molding clay to woodworking crafts and more, you’re sure to find the right art project to occupy their time this holiday season. Take time to browse the arts and crafts aisle of your local hobby store to find the perfect present that will make their little artist’s heart happy. One additional benefit is the final project can be proudly displayed in their room!

3. Puzzles

It seems that children would rather spend time on a screen or device than work with their hands or use their creative-thinking skills. If you like puzzles, find one that is age-appropriate for your child and invite them to sit down with you to finish the puzzle together. In fact, since the shorter days of winter typically cause you to spend more time indoors anyway, this is a great option to have fun as a family and spark great conversations.

4. Cooking Kit

Cooking is a great way to teach children math and science without them ever knowing! As they learn to measure ingredients and see what things mix well together, they’ll simply think they’re learning how to make delicious food. While they are certainly doing that, they’ll also be discovering how to understand measurements and more. You might even discover your child has a talent for cooking or baking, which can lead to wonderful family meals and memories!

5. Tieless Laces

New shoes are one of the most common Christmas gifts for kids, which means that you should buy some tieless laces from Synch Bands to go with! Tying shoes is fairly difficult for many kids, and even if they do get their shoes tied, the laces inevitably come loose within a short amount of time. Elastic laces will stay locked in and secure all day long, which means no more tripping over loose laces. Shop our online store to buy the colors they’re sure to love!